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Civil Air Patrol is the United States Air Force Auxiliary, and is comprised of cadets and senior members who volunteer their time to support the core missions of CAP. Many people may think that in order to join CAP you must be a pilot. We are always looking for good pilots to fly our aircraft, but there are many other non-pilot positions that need to be filled by qualified members to keep the wing and its squadrons running efficiently. Listed below are the positions that are open at the wing level in Delaware. If you are a member of Delaware Wing and you are interested in one of these positions, please work with your Squadron Commander to contact the appropriate wing level directorate.

If you are not already a member of CAP and you believe you are highly qualified to fill one of these positions, we would love to hear from you too! CAP is more than just pilots. It's a team of dedicated volunteers working together to serve our communities and serve our country.


Information Technology Officer / Assistant Information Technology Officer

Delaware Wing CAP needs an individual to run its Information Technology program. All IT functions of the wing fall under this directorate. The Director of IT would be expected to operate and maintain the technologies used by the wing (for example, Microsoft Teams and Google Mail), as well as assisting with the maintenance of the wing's website and troubleshooting IT operations as required. There is also a need for at least one Assistant IT Officer. This position would assist the IT Officer with designated tasks.


Assistant Public Affairs Officer

The Public Affairs Officer (PAO) is the primary point of contact between the wing and the media. This includes not only traditional media but the next generation of social media. As the wing's Assistant PAO, you would assist the PAO with the responsibilities of ensuring that correct and concise information is made available to the general public about CAP and our activities. During a mission, you would assist with ensuring that information provided to the public is consistent with CAPs regulations. You would also assist with squadron PAO activities as requested. If you know how to talk to the media and properly use social media outlets, the Assistant PAO position could be yours.


Assistant Emergency Services Officer

One of CAP's core missions is Emergency Services (ES). CAP is tasked with working hand-in-hand with our partner agencies at the local, state, and national levels to render aid and assistance as requested. CAP's ES mission has found our members performing tasks such as assisting in the aftermath of hurricanes and tornadoes; providing Search & Rescue (SAR) services, both on the ground and in the air; and assisting with the delivery of critical supplies during crises such as earthquakes and pandemics. Coordinating our operations with our partner agencies is a critical task. Delaware's ES Officer needs assistants who are dedicated to the ES program and knowledgeable about ES operations. There is a lot of pre-planning that needs to take place before an emergency occurs. If you have a keen interest in ES planning and operations, assisting with the wing's ES program could be a perfect fit for you.


Assistant Director of Logistics

Keeping track of the wing's material assets is a very important task. Computers, cameras, aircraft, vans, and radios are just some of the items that the Director of Logistics is required to inventory. Maintenance of the ground fleet is also a job function of the Director of Logistics, as is ensuring that the wing and its squadrons have the supplies needed to support their missions. Someone with outstanding organizational skills and a superb attention to detail would be an excellent fit for this position. As an assistant to the Director of Logistics, you would assist the Director with the day-to-day operations of the Logistics Section by handling tasks as assigned by the Director.


Assistant Maintenance Officer

Coordinating the maintenance of Delaware's aircraft is a critical job. As an Assistant Maintenance Officer, you would assist the wing's Maintenance Officer with the day-to-day operations of keeping aircraft properly positioned and maintained. All maintenance work is contracted out, so there is no actual "hands-on" mechanical work required. With five aircraft in the wing, and flights operating daily to support our commitment to DelDOT and Homeland Security, keeping up with the maintenance requirements of the aircraft is a big job. The lives of our pilots and aircrews depend on the proper maintenance of our planes. If you are familiar with aircraft and are ready for a challenging task, this position could be for you.


Assistant Legal Officer

Every good organization needs a legal expert. CAP is no exception. Our Legal Officer needs at least one assistant who can assist and fill in as needed with the various duties that are assigned to that position. If you are a lawyer and you are interested in serving your community and your country by using that knowledge, we have a spot for you.


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