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DEWG Finance Officer

2020 Mid-Atlantic Region CAP Finance Officer of the Year

Lt Matthew Gilson, CAP

Civil Air Patrol's financial management goal is to promote and ensure the integrity of financial management practices and financial reporting. 

Squadron Expenses: 

Please go to the link below and choose DE Wing Form 17 for any funds to be reimbursed from your unit or choose DE Wing Form 17T for Travel related reimbursement for your unit. 

Squadron Deposits: 

Please go to the link below, titled "Link to Delaware Wing Forms"  and use DE Wing Form 16. All deposits must include a copy of the checks deposited, along with the receipt and copy of the deposit form used at PNC Bank. No cash can be given to the wing from a unit.

Wing Expenses: 

Please go to the link below and choose DE Wing Form 5 for any Wing Payment Requests of DE WG Form 5T for Wing Travel Reimbursement

Member Flying - Pilots: 

Member flying will be billed directly from QuickBooks by the Wing Administrator.  The current rates for flying are listed in CAPR 173-3, Attachment 1, there is a link below for you to access the regulation. Payments can be mailed to the wing or paid electronically, please add $ .50 if paying electronically to your bill.

DEWG Form 5 Wing Reimbursement Form

DEWG Form 5 Reimbursement Form Directions

Link to NHQ CAPR 173-4 - Fundraising/Donations

Link to NHQ CAPR 173-1 and NHQ Finance Forms

Link to Finance Committee Toolbox on NHQ Website


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