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Information Technology



Wing IT Officer/Cyber Officer and Web Security Administrator

Lt Col Sean McClanahan

(E-Services, WSA, CAP Account Creation/Troubleshooting) 


Assistant IT Officer

 Capt Dave Baldinger


Welcome to the Delaware Wing Information Technology Section!


We are here to help you utilize the tools and technology you need to ensure your mission with CAP can be fulfilled efficiently and successfully. Delaware Wing members, we want you to be aware of the following information technology services and information:

  1. Wing E-Mail Services - Delaware Wing has its own e-mail services, and everyone who is a member of the wing is strongly encouraged to apply for and utilize a wing e-mail address for CAP business. A DEWg e-mail address should ONLY be used for CAP business, and not for any other personal or business functions. In addition, it is required that all members who use a DEWg e-mail address use the approved CAP "signature" in their messages. Members of the IT Staff can assist with setting up and properly formatting your e-mail. Contact Capt Baldinger to request a wing e-mail address.

  2. Laptops - Certain command and leadership positions are issued a CAP laptop. While these laptops are issued and tracked by the Director of Logistics, the operation of the laptop is governed by Information Technology, both at the Wing and National levels. Members issued a CAP laptop are not permitted to make any modifications to the hardware configuration of the laptop, nor can they change the pre-installed software (other than routine patching) without first obtaining permission from Information Technology.

  3. FirstNet Cellular Telephones - Members of DEWg are eligible to obtain a cell phone and service on the FirstNet network. This network was mandated by the US Government as a way for first responders to have priority access to the nation's cell phone system. DEWg members are recognized as "first responders" by FirstNet, and because of that, members are eligible to obtain service on the network. While DEWg CAP authorizes members on an annual basis as members of the wing, the members themselves are responsible for the payment of their own bills. Therefore, there are no restrictions on how members use their service once they are on the network (as in, service is not restricted to CAP business only). However, access to the network provides DEWg members with the ability to be "uplifted" in times of disasters or emergencies, thereby providing priority access to the cell phone network when other non-authorized users might not be able to use their phones. Contact Lt Col McClanahan for more information, or to request service on FirstNet.

  4. Active911 - Emergency services members, aircrews, ground teams, and command staff have access to the wing's Active911 system. This system provides members in these positions the ability to be notified (or "dispatched") when our services are requested or required. Participation is free to DEWg members; all fees are paid by the wing. Members need a smartphone (IOS or Android) to participate. Contact Lt Col McClanahan for more information or to be added to the Active911 system.

  5. Microsoft Teams - Members of DEWg are eligible to use the wing's instance of Microsoft Teams for collaboration within their squadrons, operational or functional units, or any other team setting. This is provided at no cost to the member. Wing staff and squadron command leadership are very strongly encouraged to install Teams and use it for collaboration within the command structure. For more information, contact Lt Col McClanahan.


The DEWg IT Staff is aware of the desire for members to use Zoom as a means of teleconferencing. However, we strongly advise our members to take all security precautions necessary (password protected rooms, no entry to rooms without approval, etc.) when using Zoom, as Zoom has been proven to have serious security and privacy shortcomings.






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