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First State Airshow 2024

First State Airshow 2024

May 18-19, 2024



Dover AFB has invited CAP to participate and assist with the First State Airshow 2024. The show is open to the public and includes an extensive ground display, vendors and an air show featuring the Air Force F-35 demonstration team, the U.S. Army Golden Knights and many others. The dates of the air show are on the 18th and 19th of May 2024.

A brief description of the event follows to give the minimum information needed for registration. Please read the Operations Order for all full details that can be obtain from your Squadron Commander.


  • Support the USAF in static displays, communications, first aid and safety.

  • Develop teamwork throughout DEWG and USAF.

  • Provide a positive training environment for cadets that reinforce the core values of Civil Air Patrol and the United States Air Force, in order to further develop the cadets’ leadership and followership skills while performing community service and providing a first-hand experience in supporting the military at the airshow.

  • Promote aerospace education through interactive tours of USAF aircraft and exhibits.

  • Expose the cadets to elements of the incident command system through mentoring with command and general senior staff.

  • Further awareness of CAP in the community by staffing a recruitment booth and visibility at the airshow.

  • Have fun!


All Members

  • Current CAP member with CAP ID card

  • CPPT Training, if age 18 or over

  • Meet grooming and weight standards for uniforms.

Cadet Staff

  • ICUT certification

Senior Members

  • Level 1, with the new CPPT module


All participants will sign up on eServices Registration Zone. Registrations closes 6 May 2024. There are three separate Sign-in Pages advertised within the Registration Zone one for each day of the Air Show and one for the Entire Weekend with the Bivouac included.  Please, utilize the below hyperlink to directly take you to eServices Registration Zone to register.

First State Air Show 18 & 19, 2024 with Bivouac - Participating Saturday & Sunday with Bivouac

First State Air Show 18 May 24 - Participating "ONLY" on the 18th of May - No Bivouac

First State Air Show 19 May 24 - Participating "ONLY" on the 19th of May - No Bivouac


All CAP members must meet the grooming and weight standards prescribed for AF-style uniforms in Attachment 2 of CAPR 39-1. Standards for wear of AF-style uniform will be strictly enforced. Senior Members who do not meet the standards of wear for an Air Force style uniform for reasons of grooming or weight standards, may wear the CAP field uniform (Blue BDU). 



(Cadet and Senior) will arrive at the Dover AFB No Later Than 0700 on Saturday, 18 and Sunday 19 May 2024 and enter through the Main Gate or Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVI) Gate and Park in the Staff/Vendor Parking Area.  Upon arrival all personnel will establish the Command Post and be signed into the mission located within the Pax Terminal.  Those Senior Members identified will establish contact with DAFB Air Show representatives and sign for and receive an Air Show Lanyard. Then standby for all arriving CAP personnel.


(Cadet and Senior) will arrive no earlier than 0700 but no later than 0900 on Saturday, 18 and Sunday 19 May 2024 in uniform for accountability and registration. Uniform/grooming inspection should be conducted prior to departure for Dover AFB by individual unit leaders.  (Cadet and Senior) will arrive at Dover AFB and enter through the Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVI) Gate and Park in the Staff/Vendor Parking area.  CAP Personnel arriving in POVs (personnel owned vehicles) can gain entry through the CVI and park in the same area.  Once parked safely, all personnel will establish contact with Staff Personnel at the Pax Terminal to sign-in. 


If any CAP Vehicle or POV enters through the Main or North Gate after 0900 even with a Placard. They will be directed to park in the General Attendance Mass Parking Area on the Flightline and will have to enter through the Entry Control Point with General Populace on the Flightline and make their way to Pax Terminal to sign-in.  Identifying as CAP will not gain you special privileges once the Base is Open to the General Populace.  The flow of traffic and safety will not be hindered by CAP. 

On time is late and 15 minutes early is on time…Pre-plan and Arrive on-time!


The Bivouac will begin immediately following the conclusion of the Air Show on Saturday, 18 May 24 at 1700L and end Sunday, 19 May at 0900L.  All Cadets participating in the Bivouac will fall in with their respective Cadet Command Staff Leadership and will be Mentored and Supervised by CAP Senior Members/Volunteers for the duration of the Bivouac.  The Bivouac site is centrally located near a covered pavilion and is adjacent to a 24hr accessible facility with multiple bathrooms and showers.  Dinner and Breakfast will be provided by the DEWG CAP at the Patterson Dinning Facility by the 436th Force Support Squadron on Dover AFB.  In the unlikely event of inclement weather, the Cadets will be moved indoors. All Cadets need to register via eServices First State Air Show 18 & 19, 2024 with Bivouac and ensure all documentation is properly completed prior to the deadline of 6 May 24.  Parents and Squadron Leaders, please ensure any and all medications, dietary and/or special needs are clearly addressed and coordinated prior to the event. Dover AFB is manned and secured by the Air Forces Finest 436th Security Forces Defenders and EMS from the 436th Medical Group and are readily available 24/7. 


Transportation to and from the event site is the member’s responsibility. It is encouraged that units get together and arrange carpools with and without CAP vehicles.  No cadet will be allowed to operate motorized vehicles (Including golf carts) during the activity. CAP drivers must have CAP DL on their CAPF 101.  Drivers will brief passengers on egress, enroute and exit procedures. Vehicle Placards will be handed out at the next Commanders Call Meeting in May.


Will be provided by the DEWG on both days additionally MREs will be on-site and available.  Those who are participating with the Bivouac will be allowed to eat at the Patterson Dinning Facility on Dover AFB for Dinner on 18 May and then Breakfast on 19 May.


External Non-Delaware Wing Units please, forward all inquiries to:

Lt Col Kay Rudo CAP:

MSgt David Everson CAP:










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