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Civil Air Patrol is the United States Air Force Auxiliary, and is comprised of cadets and senior members who volunteer their time to support the core missions of CAP. Many people may think that in order to join CAP you must be a pilot. We are always looking for good pilots to fly our aircraft, but there are many other non-pilot positions that need to be filled by qualified members to keep the wing and its squadrons running efficiently. Listed below are the positions that are open at the wing level in Delaware. If you are a member of Delaware Wing and you are interested in one of these positions, please work with your Squadron Commander to contact the appropriate wing level directorate.

If you are not already a member of CAP and you believe you are highly qualified to fill one of these positions, we would love to hear from you too! CAP is more than just pilots. It's a team of dedicated volunteers working together to serve our communities and serve our country.

The following position vacancies exist on the Delaware Wing staff. Interested members should contact the DEWG Chief of Staff at

Wing Aerospace Education Officer External

As directed by the DCS/AE or the DAE, the External AEOs manage the external AE program throughout the local schools and community at large. Theses duties include, supporting recruitment and retention of AEMs, supporting AEMs with classroom visits, STEM assistance, AE Excellence Award (AEX) Program participation, and other AE activities. The AE Officer External also promotes and assist in public AE workshops, seminars, displays, and general community support and established working relationships with educational resource providers who produce AE materials for use by schools and communities.

Assistant Director of Logistics

Keeping track of the wing's material assets is a very important task. Computers, cameras, aircraft, vans, and radios are just some of the items that the Director of Logistics is required to inventory. Maintenance of the ground fleet is also a job function of the Director of Logistics, as is ensuring that the wing and its squadrons have the supplies needed to support their missions. Someone with outstanding organizational skills and superb attention to detail would be an excellent fit for this position. As an assistant to the Director of Logistics, you would assist the Director with the day-to-day operations of the Logistics Section by handling tasks as assigned by the Director.


Wing Director of Development

The Wing Director of Development is responsible for developing and formulating annual functional field fundraising strategies which include specific goals and strategies for effective fundraising activities at the wing and unit levels. In addition, this position serves in an advisory role to the Wing Commander and Wing Legal Officer in fundraising approvals and ensures compliance with CAP regulations and other fundraising guidance. They shall:

• Serve in an advisory role to the Wing’s Commander and Legal Officer for fundraising approvals by squadrons. Has access to listing of Wing Commander-approved requests for fundraising. 

• Work effectively with the Wing’s Commander, Legal Officer, and unit commanders and volunteers to provide fundraising resources and support the development of fundraising goals, with supporting strategies in order to drive positive fundraising outcomes across the Wing. 

• Responsible for creating a fundraising plan to achieve Wing fundraising goals. Manages project status for the plan. 

• Communicate with Region Director of Development and NHQ Development Department to ensure that any major asks of $5,000 or more of companies, foundations or major donors is coordinated, with particular emphasis on deconflicting multiple asks. This includes particular attention regarding the submission of grants. 41 CAPP 30-1 

• Work with the Wing staff to design and implement communication and solicitation strategies specifically directed to achieve and exceed fundraising goals.

• Take advantage of fundraising training and education offered within Civil Air Patrol. Shares access to training with local units. 

• Serve as an advisory resource for local unit fundraising. 

• Work with Wing staff to communicate and educate local units about available fundraising programs approved by NHQ. 

• Identify and share field fundraising best practices, distributing annually to NHQ Development Department, Region Director of Development and publicizing within the wing’s unit membership. 

• Adhere to applicable fundraising and financial regulations and guidance.

Assistant Maintenance Officer

Coordinating the maintenance of Delaware's aircraft is a critical job. As an Assistant Maintenance Officer, you would assist the wing's Maintenance Officer with the day-to-day operations of keeping aircraft properly positioned and maintained. All maintenance work is contracted out, so there is no actual "hands-on" mechanical work required. With five aircraft in the wing, and flights operating daily to support our commitment to DelDOT and Homeland Security, keeping up with the maintenance requirements of the aircraft is a big job. The lives of our pilots and aircrews depend on the proper maintenance of our planes. If you are familiar with aircraft and are ready for a challenging task, this position could be for you.



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