Delaware Wing
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Wing Historian

Lt Col Justin Carisio, CAP


The Wing Historian
  • Manages and directs historical activities to include:
    • Developing policies and procedures that relate to historical activities.
    • Establishing and conducting a program for the publishing of general and special histories, monographs, studies, and similar works for issues both internally and externally to CAP.
    • Establishing and conducting a program to specifically inform the general public as to the history of CAP as it relates to CAP’s current missions.
    • Issuing bibliographies, catalogs, indices, and abstracts containing information relative to publications relating to CAP history.
    • Establishing and conducting a program for the collection and preservation of items of historical significance either of a documentary or physical property nature.
    • Establishing and conducting an oral history program.
    • Representing the Civil Air Patrol at meetings of historical and other learned societies.


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